Are Online Poker and In-Person Poker Really That Different?

Not a few people would say that poker, no matter the platform, will still be an enjoyable card game. We’ll tend to agree, especially since the game is indeed enjoyable and challenging at the same time. It will take a player with considerable skill to beat everyone on their table to grab the pot in the end. The strategy will still be the same, regardless of the platform. You don’t need to win every hand you’re dealt with as you try to become more at ease with the players on your table.

However, some people would say that in-person poker is better because the interaction ups the game’s ante. For example, there are players you need to duel face-to-face, and it’s better to determine their “tells” if you see them in person. You can also feel the palpable excitement when the bets come, and your opponents try to raise the stakes or go all-in on a particular hand. Meanwhile, online poker can offer players a specific casino bonus to welcome them when they  join a virtual table.

The debate between which mode of play is better rages on among poker enthusiasts, so let’s try to find out which is indeed better.

Game pace

Let’s start with the most apparent difference between in-person poker and online poker. The game pace for live poker tends to be slower because there’s usually no time limit between hands. As a player, you need to consider stalling if you want to bait your opponent as part of your strategy, to put them on edge and bring out their specific tells. For online poker, the pace is faster because they want players to move quickly. There’s usually a timer of 15 to 30 seconds per hand to keep the game interesting enough for players.


Interaction among players

Another difference between the two game modes is the interaction between and among the players. There’s little to no interaction in the online mode unless you have a webcam on, and you can see the other players. For live poker games, there might be friendly banter between hands to find out the other players’ quirks. However, while you can chat in online poker, the quality of the interaction still isn’t the same as the live game.

Reading tells is an important part of the game

As we all know, one of the most exciting aspects of the live game is how players try to read and outdo each other. Veteran players know how to spot someone’s tells as they note how their opponents react to a particular hand. They use this tidbit as part of their long-term strategy. While there’s no exact science behind it, it does make the game livelier. In online poker, you rarely have the chance to read your opponent. For some players, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Bets differ, too

The betting action is one of the things that’s different between online poker and live poker. There’s a limit to what you can bet online, but in live poker, you can bet as much as you want, depending on the action you perceive on the table.

Final takeaways

There’s a huge difference between in-person poker and online poker games. While both game modes are enjoyable, certain aspects of the game are affected by the quality of interaction between and among the players.



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